Museum Collections: The Barney Daley Collection

    ACS completed a large inventory of the Barney Daley Collection being housed at Wood Memorial Library in South Windsor, Connecticut. Material collected from the surface of agricultural lots along the Connecticut River includes a plethora of projectile points and other percussed lithic tools, groundstone items, and aboriginal ceramics. These artifacts represent nearly 10,000 years of prehistoric occupation in the region, ranging from the Early Archaic through Late Woodland periods.

    The Daley collection includes more than 5,000 individual items gathered by an avocational archaeologist for over 60 years. The analysis performed on the collection far exceeds that which is normally conducted for similar studies, with a specialized database being generated for each material type. There are 40 variables recorded for individual projectile points, for instance, including those regarding provenience, typology, chronology, form, and metric characteristics. This detailed database will allow future analysts to conduct exploratory statistical research which may help resolve academic issues such as when the bow and arrow was introduced into the region, or how settlement systems of people represented by the Susquehanna and Small-Stemmed traditions may have varied. ACS additionally created a display format which will serve to provide an educational experience for visitors.

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