Conservation Through Research

Native American Burials and Cemeteries in Eastern Connecticut
Statistical Modelling:
Prehistoric Site Location Sensitivity
GIS Applications:
Historic New London Waterfront
Documenting Culture Through Literature:
Native American Folklore Studies

Phase I Reconnaissance Surveys: Multi-Component Properties

Oldest Stone House in New England:
Henry Whitfield Museum

Prehistoric Camp Sites, Historic Agriculture and Light Industry:
"Squabble Hole"

Prehistoric and Historic Coastal Occupations:
Riverview Estates

Stratifying Sample Frames in Phase I Surveys

Targeting Specific Landforms and Ecological Settings:
Troutbrook Valley

Employing Historic Maps, Land Records, and Genealogical Information:
The Preserve

Eliminating Severely Disturbed Areas:
Tuxedo Park Historic Golf Course

Phase II Intensive Surveys

Historic Mining District:
Sterling Forest

Prehistoric Structural Remains and Features:
The Larson Farm

Documenting Inter-Site Functional and Chronological Variability:

Lithic Scatters and Historic Foundations:

Phase III Data Recovery and Emergency Projects

Mitigating Impact from Development:
The "Old Coe Place"

Construction Monitoring:
Creek Council House

Salvaging Information from Looted Sites:
The Hokiahse Rockshelter

Coordinating Concerns of the Client, the Government, the Media, and the Public

Public Addresses:
Scientific Exploration versus Religious Freedom and Spiritual Integrity

Identifying Historic Cemetery Boundaries:
The Connecticut School for Boys Cemetery

Preservation Through Conservation Easements:
South Farms

Recording Impacted Cultural Resources:
Groton - New London Airport

Working with Native American Tribes and Museums

The Mohegans:
Fort Shantok State Park

Museum Collections:
The Barney Daley Collection

Experimentation and Analysis

Lithic Weathering:
Post-Depositional Effects of Paleoenvironments on Lithic Materials

Post-Depositional Effects of Carnivores on Skeletal Remains

Fossil Remains:
The Plesiadapiforms and the Origins of the Primate Order

Research Abroad

Hominid Migration Routes Out of Africa:
Southern Arabia

The Middle to Upper Paleolithic Transition:
The Levant


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