Analysis of Museum Collections and Specialized Materials

    The directors of ACS completed academic training at the graduate level which included the analysis of materials frequently encountered in archaeological sites, such as lithics, ceramics, animal bone, and human skeletal remains.  ACS has also created a statistical database template for each material type which is designed for use in data-exploration and artifact inventories of both survey reports and museum collections.  In order to maintain its commitment to low overhead that translates into lower costs for clients requiring archaeological surveys for development projects, ACS maintains a relationship with several independent firms for a variety of analytical specialties which are less frequently required during archaeological surveys, including radiocarbon dating, paleoethnobotany, and petrographic analyses.  Some of the high-end analytical research programs initiated and completed by the directors of ACS are summarized in the following list of past projects. 

- Museum Collections: The Barney Daley Collection -
- Lithic Weathering: Post-Depositional Effects of Paleoenvironments on Lithic Materials -
- Taphonomy: Post-Depositional Effects of Carnivores on Skeletal Remains -

- Fossil Remains: The Plesiadapiformes and the Origins of the Primate Order -

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